Thai Creations

As the oldest child, Thom was expected to support her family—not just her own child, but also her mother, siblings, and grandparents, too. Thom desperately wanted to go to school, but her mother’s debt forced her to work instead. On three different occasions, Thom rejected her mother’s request for her to work in the bars. Finally, Thom was abandoned by her family in the red light district. With no other choice, Thom began working as a bar girl. She began drinking to numb the fear and pain. Thom hated her life. When staff from the safehouse visited her, she began to trust that they were good people. Thom finally found freedom when she joined the safehouse. She started learning English and discovered her talent for designing jewelry and clothing. Today Thom is the main jewelry designer and the “right hand” of the program director. She trains those at the safehouse and regularly reaches out to women trapped in the red light district. Thom is a woman empowered, working to rescue and empower women like her.


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