Civilian First Responder

"This is the reality of sex trafficking in our country"


100,000 - 300,000 U.S. kids at risk of trafficking
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

1/3 teens lured toward prostitution within 48 hrs of leaving home
National Runaway Hotline

15 (average number of times a trafficked minor sold per day)
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

No longer do we have the luxury of deciding whether or not we need to know about human trafficking. Learn how to become a circle of protection around the loved ones in your life by coming to one of our Civilian First Responder (CFR) conferences. Here, you will learn what makes a community susceptible to trafficking, how to identify a victim, how to respond to and report suspicious activity, and more. Discover helpful tips, action plans, and ways to protect the innocent.

This highly sought-after conference brings the U.S. government, Homeland Security, law enforcement officers, human trafficking survivors, and the president of Women At Risk, International into one room to educate communities on this dangerous crime.

Three Good Reasons to Host or Attend a CFR Event

  • You will learn to recognize the signs of trafficking in your community
  • You will learn healthy ways to respond to crisis situations
  • You will learn how to share this information with community members, of any age

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Continuing Education

If you are interested in receiving continuing education credits, please write to before the event to find out whether or not they are available. Preregistration is required.

This seminar, for medical professionals, mental health/substance use disorder treatment therapists, case managers, and others in healthcare/social service settings, will shed light on a subject so dark that many do not know it exists. Through case histories and statistics, those in helping professions will be equipped to heal brokenness by being able to identify notable indicators of 5 categories of health concerns and symptoms, identify 3 sets of players in trafficking scenarios in the healthcare environment, and to develop an appropriate assistance plan for victims. *CEU credits are only available for social workers and substance abuse professionals.