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Learn – Teach – Reach

“We are not all meant to run safehouses, but we are all called to be safe places.”

These words of WAR, Int’l president, Rebecca McDonald, encourage each person to take action in a way that is unique to them. For over ten years, talented professionals, caring community members, and passionate individuals have shared their time, skills, and resources with the rescued and at-risk. Every other year, a small group of these dedicated supporters and WAR, Int’l staff members join together in Thailand for Circle Tour. From all walks of life, Circle Tour members unite to learn, teach, and reach out alongside WAR, Int’l’s safehouse partners.


Circle Tour participants are not merely adventurers; they are students. Long before setting foot in Thailand, Circle Tour members will soak in details of their future experiences. Women At Risk, International works hard to ensure that every traveler is prepared to meet a new culture, new people, and a new way of life. This enables every participant to return home not just with memories but also with fresh skills and unique insights that lead to real action against the worldwide injustice of human


This unique journey is also filled with a purpose that leaves a lasting impact on rescued and at-risk women. From playing goofy games to engaging in heart-felt Bible studies, Circle Tour members have the opportunity to bring new skills, ideas, and joys to other women. No matter their talent, profession, or history, every person has something special to bring to WAR, Int’l’s Circle Tour. Some years, noted professionals have also joined us to share their skills and passions with WAR, Int’l’s partners, working alongside us to edify, equip, and empower those we serve.


Outreach is a challenging but valuable portion of the experience. In safe surroundings, Circle Tour members share their time with wounded women, offering love and support to those who have known only abuse and pain. Whether we meet them in a safehouse, a red-light district, or at the elegant banquet we host, the women we encounter are gratified to discover other women who truly care for them.

Come Home Changed

At the close of two treasured weeks, Circle Tour members return home, bearing not just memories and shopping bags but also a greater understanding of the world at large. This real and raw knowledge enables them to see similar realities hidden within the “land of the free.” Many go on to create circles of protection around those at risk in their local communities. Others become international and nationwide abolitionists, committing their lives to the rescue, restoration, and empowerment of women and children.

2026 Vision

The theme of our next Circle Tour is Fun in the Son. It is tentatively scheduled to take place February 2026.

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