Thai Creations


Kay and her husband are from different parts of the world, but both of their hearts were broken for the women of her country. Together they began a ministry to offer hope and healing to Thai women trapped in the sex trade. Every week they reach out to the women in the bars, slowly building trust and relationships. They offer the women an opportunity to make a living in a safe place, free of abuse and debt bondage. If they join the program, they are offered counseling, child care, and vocational training. Safehouse staff is dedicated to walking alongside the women on the journey toward healing. As the women progress in the program, they become co-owners in the safehouse jewelry business, and they are empowered to begin their own micro-businesses, continue their education, and return to their villages to cultivate change. Today these women are no longer owned, but are independent, confident business owners. They work with dignity, provide for their families, and become ambassadors of hope to their own communities.

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