The Lighthouse

Pim For the second time, Pim was forced to leave everything behind. At first, it was her father’s violent alcoholism that forced her family to flee. Now her husband had abandoned her, leaving her alone with their daughter. Desperate for an income, Pim moved to the city to search for work. But she could find nothing. Soon Pim began selling her body at night for the money she needed to feed her family. Pim hated it but did it for her daughter’s sake. But there was still one more move for Pim—this time to a safe place and a warm community that cared for Pim and her child. After meeting Pim on outreach, safehouse staff invited her to make a living in a different way. Now for the first time, Pim loves what she does. Today Pim dreams of finishing school and studying accounting so that she and her daughter can start a new life. It is your purchase that moves women like Pim to safe places, lifting them and their children to lives of dignity.


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