The Lighthouse


Hidden within the red light districts of Thailand are women from all over the world. On outreach, our partners have met women from over 20 countries, including Russia, India, Nigeria, Laos, and Uzbekistan. With a heart for those far from home, they have expanded their program created for Thai women trapped in the sex trade. Our partners seek out those who have been trafficked to Thailand. After building trust with these women and children, our partners provide shelter and medical attention while working to safely repatriate them. Their programs offer both Thai women and international women an alternative way to make an income. They also provide medical care, vocational and life skills, scholarships for education, childcare, counseling, and more. Their safehouse continues to grow—with a waiting list of usually 10 to 15 girls. And as they step into international trafficking situations and start up new safehouses, their ministry is spreading across borders into new countries. Your support empowers their ministry to expand its circles of protection into new places, offering hope and healing to women and children all over the world.

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