Tracey – SH #6

United States

Tracey rests her battered body against the couch’s soft cushions. Her face is a mess of black and blue. One of her eyes is almost completely swollen shut and her chin bears a cut. For Tracey, this is part of life, a life of forced prostitution here in America. She informs safehouse staff that her pimps have starved her for days. With time, the shades of black and blue, her one-eyed gaze, and marked chin will heal. With love and a fresh start, her wounded soul can become full of dignity and grace. Anne’s House reaches out with professional experience and kindness to girls like Tracey. Your purchase directly helps restore American women who have been sold into prostitution. For more information about P.R.O.M.I.S.E. and Anne’s House, visit their website at


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