Chloe – SH #3

United States

Making sugar scrubs has been a source of peace for Chloe, a child caught in a nightmare and desperate to survive. Sold by her own father to politicians, Chloe is a teenage domestic trafficking victim. More importantly, this brave young girl is a survivor! As she makes her sugar scrub, Chloe is not only working through her past, but she is also building into her future. The funds that come from sugar scrub sales go towards funding Chloe’s online high school education as she is in hiding with her mother. As you enjoy these pampering sugar scrubs and their restoring effect on your skin, know that you are supporting this brave young girl as well as helping to bring restoration to her life. WAR, Int’l stands proudly besides this teen who, on her own, dreamed of a way to pay for school and to get ahead. Will you stand with us?


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