Private: Via Dolorosa

Mary lives on the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem, the ancient path Christ trod to his crucifixion. Yet though Mary has known her own path of suffering, she is called the Smiling Widow of the Old City. Her husband sold all their possessions before overdosing on drugs, leaving her and her three year old daughter bereft, but she still gives generously and joyfully of the little she has, daily feeding impoverished Palestinian families. Through WAR’s partnership, Mary now funds and furthers her ministry by crafting beautiful silver jewelry made with Roman glass. Discovered in archeological digs, this genuine antique glass is believed to be from the ancient tear bottles of Roman women. According to legend, its beautiful rainbow colors reflect these tears resting against the glass. When you wear this jewelry, not only do you wear a part of Mary’s story, but you also wear a piece of ancient story that mirrors Mary’s own. Just as her suffering has turned to joyful smiling, so does this cross symbolize beauty wrought from tears and brokenness.


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