Tagua Treasures

The oldest of six children, Eva was frequently left alone with her siblings while her mother traveled long distances to sell products at market. Vulnerable to the risks of poverty and lacking parental oversight, she began to take on precarious behaviors. She eventually landed in a women’s prison in Quito, where she enjoyed weekly visits from the staff of an area safehouse. Upon her release, she joined the safehouse program. There, with support from Tagua Treasures, she found hope and healing from her past while learning life and vocational skills that would set in motion a hope-filled future. After completing the program, she helped her family establish a marketplace attached to their home, enabling her mother to make a living without leaving her children. Knowing her siblings are safe and secure, Eva can now focus on her own dream of going to nursing school. Through its safehouse and vocational training partnerships, Tagua Treasures is helping to create a better future for girls like Eva, breaking cycles of poverty and risk and turning their dreams into reality.


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