Tagua Treasures


Ordinary-looking seeds, hiding a beautiful ivory-like interior, are painstakingly polished and carved into stunning pieces of jewelry. Wounded women, their dignity buried beneath layers of brokenness, slowly open their hearts to embrace their own intrinsic worth and beauty. Captivated by both, our partner sought to bring the two together. The result was Tagua Treasures, a small family enterprise that supports rescued Ecuadorian women through sales of tagua jewelry. Handmade from the seed of the native tagua palm, the jewelry is created by local artisans as well as by young women in a safehouse program. Through its partnership with the safehouse, Tagua Treasures is committed to walking alongside these girls as they heal, grow, and become empowered toward futures of purpose and dignity. By wearing the work of their hands, you support vocational training for these women—reminding them that just as a seed can be transformed into a jewel of beauty and value, their lives are being fashioned into something lovely, unique, and beautiful.

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