Sharan Creations

Feeling beautiful in her brand new outfit, Megala set out with her stepfather to visit their family. Together they walked into the hotel, but instead of the relatives she expected to see, they were met by strangers. There Megala’s stepfather sold her, earning a high price for her virginity. The traffickers tossed the frightened young girl into a hotel room—but on the brink of assault, authorities burst into the room and Megala was rescued. After spending many months healing in safety, she joined the vocational program at Sharan Creations. A quick learner, she was soon crafting jewelry, enabling her to earn an income while finishing her education. Megala’s story of pain has transformed into one of dignity and passion for others. Her dream is to become a social worker and return to the slum where she grew up, sharing her story and forming her own circle of protection around at-risk women and children.


Become a Circle of Protection