Sharan Creations


Laughing and chattering, the young Indian women filter into the sunlit workshop. Setting aside their textbooks and homework, they gather their tools. Bright saris mingle with colorful beads and charms as they bend over their work, fashioning graceful necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Across the ocean, another group of women eagerly awaits the jewelry’s arrival in the U.S. There, vibrant t-shirts accentuate a sea of colorful faces as women in a sister program catalog the items and ready them for sale. Whether creating jewelry in India or processing orders in the U.S., these rescued women now work and learn in peace and safety, earning income as they gain essential business skills. The holistic care they receive helps them heal from the scars of the past, while education and skills training give them hope for a new future. When you wear the work of their hands, you support education, vocational training, and employment for these precious women in India and the United States, empowering them to live and learn with dignity and hope.

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