Xiao Fang

China Outreach

Xiao Fang came to the city full of hope. With her new job, she could finally support her family back in the village. She stepped off the bus, eager to begin her work at a large supermarket. But her excitement soon turned to horror when, hours later, she woke from a drug induced sleep, trapped within the walls of a brothel. The job offer wasn’t real; it was all a ruse to catch, drug, and bring her to the brothel to sell her virginity to the highest bidder. Finally, just when Xiao Fang had given up hope, the brothel was raided by the police. But instead of treating Xiao Fang like the victim she was, the police treated her as a criminal and threw her in prison. Xiao Fang’s true rescue came in the form of our partners who visited her in her prison cell. They brought her to live at their shelter, finally giving her safety and a family she could trust. Now Xiao Fang is slowly finding healing, working with dignity, and supporting her family back home.


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