China Outreach


Two moms were walking the dark streets of China’s red light district. There they learned that many of the women had been scammed into prostitution with the promise of stable jobs or lured in while looking for work to support their families. Soon China Outreach was born. The two moms continued to enter the red light districts, bringing a light to this dark place, reaching out to the women, and building a program for them. Now our partners provide shelters, medical checkups and treatment, crisis pregnancy counseling, vocational training, employment, and more. If a woman cannot come to them, our partners meet her where she’s at—whether it be on the streets, inside a brothel, or in a prison cell. Our partners even meet with the mafia, pimps, and brothel owners, knowing that their change of heart will lead to even greater change for the women. They have seen the closing of brothels and the expansion of their outreach in new regions. In places where women are deceived into a life of darkness, our partners offer them a life in the light. Your purchase helps these women find safety, hope, and true healing.

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