Hidden Beauty

Responsibility weighed heavily upon Wipa’s slight shoulders. Her mother was gone, her sister was sick, her little one was hungry. Her sister’s cancer robbed them both of their physical and emotional strength. The lack of jobs in town only added to Wipa’s discouragement, forcing her to the city in search of something to support her family and sister’s treatment. Night after night, she sold her body for the money she would send home the next morning. When safehouse staff met Wipa and offered her a way out, she left almost immediately. In this safe place, she began to make jewelry, support her family, and slowly start over. When WAR, In’tl granted Wipa a cosmetology scholarship, she truly began a new life. Wipa is now a hairdresser, attending business classes with plans to open her own salon. With a smile on her face, she says that making others feel beautiful brings her great peace and happiness. The burden upon her has lifted. Wipa now lives in freedom, looking toward a new future for her and her daughter.


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