Fountains of Grace

Their hearts fell as they watched Prang follow a customer into a taxi. She had told safehouse staff that she wanted out, but she hadn’t made the decision yet. Staff didn’t give up hope. Later that night, they reached out to her yet again, and this time Prang was ready. She left the bar and joined the safehouse. Here Prang felt protected and cared for, but a deep sense of shame still clung to her. While Prang’s name means “temple,” she felt dirty. At the safehouse, Prang slowly began healing. Now she no longer believes the lies about her identity but knows she is beautiful and precious. Prang has returned to her village, a place so impoverished that 90% of the girls are forced into prostitution. There she began a small silk craft co-op that employs at-risk girls. Now, dozens of women have work with dignity and a new future. They have found hope and a safe place—a sanctuary, just like Prang’s name.


Become a Circle of Protection