Thistle Farms
United States

Little girls dream of being princesses. They dream of careers as doctors, teachers, veterinarians, explorers, and moms. No little girl imagines a life of prostitution. Shelly* didn’t either. Instead of dreaming about her future, she was sold to strange men by her own mother. At thirteen, Shelly was abandoned and then left in the hands of a dangerous man. He too sold Shelly over and over and left her to be abused and arrested. Sitting in a jail cell, she broke down. Shelly felt worthless and desperately prayed for hope and healing. Two months later, her prayers were answered. She pushed open the front door at Thistle Farms and was instantly welcomed into a place of new beginnings. Shelly now knows that she is valuable, encouraged by a community of women who won’t abandon her and understand the abuse she’s endured. Today, she dreams of leaving a legacy of hope and healing for future Thistle Farmers.

*not her real name


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