Thistle Farms

United States

As the thistle plant grows, it bears a hard exterior to the world. Spiked leaves protect it from predators while sharp blossoms hide its inward beauty. But as the thistle matures, it slowly exposes delicate purple petals, reaching toward the bright sun. The women working at Thistle Farms extract healing oils from this plant. And as they work, they heal from broken pasts, revealing their own inward beauty. The scars of abusive childhoods and painful addictions are smoothed away in the comfort of a safe community. Together, they create and sell soaps, lip balms, creams, and candles while others pour tea and serve pastries in the nearby café. At the end of each work day they return home, continuing their journey of healing with counseling, education, and plenty of encouragement. When you use Thistle farms soaps or breathe in the aroma of their hand-crafted candles, you support a community of healing, hope, and revealed beauty.

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