Cambodia Cafe

Peering through her barred window, Serey looked out into the cold, forbidding street. Trafficked by her own mother from the age of six, she had known nothing but this prison home and the abuse of strangers. When she was finally rescued and taken to a safehouse at twelve years old, a new life began for Serey as she began to heal and flourish. Determined and ambitious, she eventually ended up at one of the best vocational training centers in the nation: the Cambodian Café. After her graduation the Café kept her on staff as a manager and trainer, and she now nurtures other young women as she teaches them to be bakers, decorators, servers, and baristas. Once a lonely, enslaved child, Serey has blossomed into a confident woman committed to seeing others experience the joy and dignity she has found through the Cambodian Café.


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