Cambodia Cafe


Dressed in caps and gowns, the ladies walk proudly toward the stage. As they receive their diplomas, they can’t help but smile and laugh together. Not long ago, this seemed impossible. Their home of Cambodia is known for its fierce trafficking industry, where whole villages of children are sold to predators. Every graduate had escaped this darkness and found unimaginable hope at Cambodian Café. A tight knit community is complemented by leadership training, business experience, and highly respected skills. Towering cakes, exquisite desserts, and hand-crafted greeting cards are the everyday work of the waitresses and artisans. Their glowing reviews remind each girl that she has talent and value far beyond bars and brothels. Even the royal family buys and brags on the work of Cambodia Café. These empowered women go on to work in top restaurants, resorts, spas, and stores. When you buy the work of their hands, you enable them to leave a broken past and move excitedly toward futures of promise.

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