United States

By all appearances, Theresa Flores was an average suburban teenager growing up in an upper middle-class family. Her parents had no idea that their precious, well-mannered daughter would fall into the clutches of sexual slavery. When her father’s job relocated her family to Detroit, Theresa became the "new girl” at school and struggled to fit in. She was thrilled when an older boy noticed her, but his affection soon turned to abuse and blackmail. Trafficked for two years by her "boyfriend" and his cousins, Theresa was too ashamed and scared to tell anyone, even her parents. She finally escaped when her family moved again. Years later, Theresa founded the SOAP campaign as a way to fight back, raise awareness, and help rescue others from bondage. Her voice, once silenced, has become both a powerful weapon against the evil of sex trafficking and an instrument of strength and courage, offering hope to victims and survivors of sexual slavery.


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