US Training Center

United States

Long before the formal establishment of WAR, Int’l, its earliest programs began in our founder’s kitchen, where she rocked wounded women and whispered words of hope and healing into their lives. Now, decades later, rescued and at-risk women gather in the kitchen of WAR, Int’l seeking job skills, stable employment or simply a safe haven to heal and start over. In our own humble headquarters, WAR, Int’l is piloting a program to offer protection and empowerment to those at risk in our own American neighborhoods, in the land of the free. As these women rewrite the past, rebuild, and dream again, WAR, Int’l works toward its own dreams of expanding the US Training Center program. In the face of staggering need and a steady flow of requests to take more rescued women—like four survivors a month from one state alone—WAR, Int'l plans to grow the program according to our successful international model, adding counseling, child care, health services, scholarships and more. When you invest in this program, you invest in the rescue and empowerment of those in our own communities, in stretching our circles of protection ever wider but ever closer as well.

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