Rescue without Thinking

Giving in everyday life

Sometimes giving can be tricky. When you’re already paying for food, clothing, heating, internet, water, gas, education, insurance, and anything else you may need to get by, it’s easy to forget about charitable donations. Several retail companies have invented solutions, constructing programs that seriously simplify the process of helping your community. Here are some programs that allow you to give women and children a hand-up. Best of all, each one has a signup fee of $0.


  1. Gordon Food Service’s Fun Funds
    WAR, Int’l’s Organization Number: 2553356

Nowadays, giving can be as easy as buying groceries, especially through GFS’s Fast Funds. When you sign up for this program, you will receive a card. Present it to the cashier, and each item you purchase will earn WAR, Int’l anywhere between 1 and 10 percent rebate. As an added bonus, you’ll receive monthly emails that feature specials and coupons. To sign up for this program, either visit GFS’s website and fill out the form, or talk to a GFS Store Manager. Customer service will then give you a card that you can use every time you shop at GFS.


  1. Amazon Smile
    WAR, Int’l’s Listing: Women at Risk International Inc

Whether you’re buying a college textbook or a birthday gift for your nephew, Amazon Smile offers an easy way to give while you shop. Simply stop by their website (, sign in with your usual Amazon account, and type the name of the organization you’d like to support. Every time you make a purchase through Amazon Smile, a portion of the proceeds will go to WAR, Int’l.


  1. Meijer Community Rewards (MCR)
    WAR, Int’l’s Code: 515687

If you prefer to do your weekly grocery shopping at Meijer, MCR is a great option for you. Sign up online or in-store to receive a Meijer 1 Card, which you can swipe when paying with cash or a debit card. You can also take advantage of MCR with a Meijer credit card (which offers greater rewards). Apply for one online or in-store, or call 1-800-962-7011 to add an MCR account to an existing Meijer credit card. Either way, Meijer will send along a portion of their sales to WAR, Int’l.

However you choose to give—be it a direct donation to WAR, Int’l or an indirect donation through one of these programs—know that every penny counts in the struggle to save at-risk women and children.

Love Mom, Love Justice

Host a Mother’s Day party with purpose!

This May, what better way to celebrate Mother’s Day with your mom or daughter than by hosting a product party with WAR, International? At no cost to you, you can spend a meaningful evening in your home with family and friends, mothers-day-2015perusing our beautiful products from more than 25 countries. You can try on jewelry selections, buy intricate handmade journals and gifts, and learn how women around the world are empowered through the programs of Women At Risk and the support of people like you.

From scarves and headbands to soaps and hand-beaded jewelry, there is something for everyone at a product party. Surprise your mother with a fun party in her honor, or invite your daughter and her friends to each pick out their own special gift. However you choose to do it, hosting a party in honor of Mother’s Day is a powerful and generous way to celebrate the mothers and daughters in your life. You’ll bring joy to your guests and empowerment to women around the world. Just $250 in sales can keep a rescued woman in a safehouse for one month! For Mother’s Day, give the gift of fellowship and fun with a product party as you give the gift of dignity and hope to the world’s at-risk women.

Calling All WARriors

Prayer Needed for Overseas Travel

world-heart Dear WARriors, During the cold month of January, WAR, Int’l president, Becky McDonald, will be traveling across oceans, greeted warmly by our partners, programs, and friends. On January 7th, she will take off for Amsterdam where Becky will meet Lena, a long-time friend of WAR, Int’l who was rescued from forced prostitution. Today, Lena is free and happily married, now anticipating the arrival of Becky, her “stand-in mom.” Soon after, Becky, Phil McDonald, and WAR Staff will travel to the Philippines, Thailand, India, and Ireland, meeting with potential partners and expanding our reach into new places of rescue. Please join us as we cover their travels in prayer and thanksgiving!

January 7 (Wednesday)

Becky travels to Amsterdam Morning
Traveling Grand Rapids, to Detroit, to Amsterdam

January 8 (Thursday)

Becky Arrives in AmsterdamMorning

January 9 (Friday)

Becky travels to Manila, Philippines—Evening
Special prayer for rest as time zones change fast!

WAR Staff Travels to Manila—Morning
Traveling Pennsylvania, to Chicago, to Seoul

January 10 (Saturday)

WAR Staff arrives in Seoul, Korea—Evening

Becky arrives in Manila—Evening

January 10 (Saturday)

WAR Staff arrives in Manila—Evening

January 11-15 (Sun-Thurs)

Becky & Staff in Manila, Philippines
Pray that meetings & in-country travel will go smoothly

January 16 (Friday)

Becky & Staff travel from Manila to Bangkok, Thailand—Afternoon

January 17 (Saturday)

Becky & Staff in Bangkok

January 18 (Sunday)

Becky & Staff Travel to India City #1—Evening

January 19 (Monday)

Becky & Staff Arrive in India City #1—Morning

Becky & Staff fly to India City #2—Afternoon

Phil McDonald travels in India—Evening
Traveling Grand Rapids, to Detroit, to Amsterdam

January 20 (Tuesday)

Phil McDonald changes flights in Amsterdam—Morning

January 20 (Tuesday)

Becky & Staff in India City #2

January 21 (Wednesday)

Phil McDonald arrives in India City #1—Morning

Becky returns to India City #1
Pray for WAR Staff as they return to the USA

January 22-24 (Thurs-Sat)

Becky & Phil in India City #1

January 25 (Sunday)

Becky & Phil travel to India City #3—Evening

January 26-27 (Mon-Tues)

Becky & Phil in India City #3

January 28 (Wednesday)

Becky & Phil travel to India City #4—Morning

January 29 (Thursday)

Becky & Phil return to City #1—Afternoon
Pray for rest, direction, and smooth sailing as Becky & Phil will be constantly on the move during their travels!

January 30 (Friday)

Becky & Phil travel to India City #5—Morning

January 31 (Saturday)

Becky & Phil in India City #5

February 1 (Sunday)

Becky & Phil return to City #1 –Morning

February 2 (Monday)

Becky & Phil in India City #1

February 3 (Tuesday)

Becky & Phil travel to Dublin—Morning
Traveling India City #1, to Amsterdam, to Dublin: Pray for good traveling conditions during this long flight!

February 4 (Wednesday)

Becky & Phil in Dublin

February 5 (Thursday)

Becky & Phil Dublin to Grand Rapids—Morning
Traveling Dublin, to Amsterdam, to Detroit, and to Grand Rapids: Pray that Becky & Phil can recover quickly as they return home from a month of constant travels

One Light, Self Defense for Women


Date: March 23rd, 2013
Time: 9am-12pm; *Registration begins at 8:30am


WAR Chest Boutique
2790 44th St SW│Wyoming, MI 49519
Cost: Suggested donation of $5

*All donations will be designated toward WAR, Int’l’s
Domestic Safe House fund

*RSVP required by Wednesday, March 20th*
Call the WAR, Int’l Reception desk to place your reservation!
616.855.0796 (Mon.-Fri. 8am-5pm EST)

The 3-hour workshop will teach:

  • Avoidance tactics
  • Self-defense misconceptions
  • Offensive/defensive techniques:(e.g., strikes and targets, chokes, grabs, bear hugs, and hair pulls)
  • One Light Self-Defense focuses on simple techniques to benefit women.

*Additional Details: Participants must be at least 11 years old and should dress in comfortable clothing and gym shoes. No flip-flops or jewelry, please. Participants must fill out a waiver on the day of the event prior to participating. Women under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.