By The Numbers

By Becky McDonald, Founder & President
-January 2023


Dear WARriors:

In hindsight, I can see God’s hand reaching forward to embrace 2022 even before the onset of COVID-19. For years, I’ve been fasting and praying for certain things to come to fruition, and it’s clear to me now how our omniscient God has been protecting WAR, Int’l from my own timeline.

• Even though I’ll always serve WAR, I had originally wanted a new CEO in place by 2020. There’s no success without a successor, and I’ve met with many prospects for my replacement since the day I incorporated. Now I see that asking a new CEO to navigate the pandemic would have been unfair. COVID-19 forced us to rethink our organizational strategies, and as a result we are in a much healthier place today.
• The day before my knee replacement surgery this past August, a plumbing malfunction resulted in major flooding at WAR’s HQ, causing $300k in damages. It is a lesson on patience as we wait for restorations to be completed in the spring of 2023.
• With the pandemic, we postponed starting any new programs other than ones to which we’d already committed because we wanted to monitor the repercussions of COVID-19 before moving forward. Still unsure of the new “normal,” the worldwide concerns of war, inflation, and food shortages have us continuing this waiting pattern.

• Internationally, we’ve been coming alongside widows, a farm enterprise, and a ministry center in Zambia. We’ve continued assisting the Afghan relief efforts by providing training, food aid, and weekly ESL classes for Afghan refugee girls now in hiding. Ukrainian refugees have also been fleeing to our Moldovan partners who are offering trauma camps, food aid, and emigration help. One Guatemalan partner transitioned to an all-national board, and we celebrate the great role model this provides for all our partners.
• Domestically, we expanded our boutique website and cyber security, hosted another state department delegation, provided consultation for safehouse start-ups, introduced anti-trafficking training to new industries, and increased our 911 response. As a result, lives are being forever changed!

In nature, the turkey and the eagle each respond differently when a storm arises. The turkey hides while the eagle soars to the eye of the storm. Scripture says when we wait on the Lord, HE lifts us up on eagle’s wings. By his grace, God flings us above the storm and renews our strength as he multiplies your gifts and our efforts.

The funds we’ve raised this past year allowed us to facilitate rescues and offer immediate intervention to those in crisis. You’ve made us strong for the weak, brave for the threatened, and patient in adversity. As our own circle of protection, YOU empowered us to create safe places amidst the storms of life.

Soaring on the wings of eagles:
Rebecca McDonald
Founder & President

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