#5 – Sweetie’s True Owner (Late January, 2013)

Sweetie’s True Owner

Late January, 2013

The madam’s boyfriend and Sweetie’s true owner is a government official and the legal covering for the brothel—making our mission to rescue Sweetie much more challenging. He is either the real father or just the man who showed up to sign the papers when Sweetie was born. The madam told Becky she could meet him the next night, but Becky was leaving in the afternoon. Instead, a WAR partner, Susan, met with him, and he told Susan he would give her Sweetie. It seemed too easy to be true. He even said he would bring the mother back (she had been sent to another brothel), so they both could sign the official papers. The mother showed up at the brothel two days later, and Sweetie seemed so close to a life of freedom.

Susan and our other partners met with the man again, and he said he would sign the papers in a few days, but he didn’t show up for the meeting. Our partners went to his home in search of him, unwilling to give up on Sweetie’s release. They were told he was at the hospital, but his motorcycle was right outside. Repeated visits by our partners met the same outcome. This man sees no reason to give up his money-making property.


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