P4WB: Pray For WAR Babies

A tiny newborn finds her home in a cardboard prison. Her slave owner allows no one to touch her or soothe her cries, raising her to have no inkling of love. If she were to feel loved, she might try to fight the horrors of forced prostitution. As Sweetie has begun crawling, her owner ties her to a post with a scarlet cord, beating her when she cries out. Before her lie darkened rooms for sexual slavery. Behind her is an open gutter filled with condoms, sewer rats, and needles. Her 17 year-old momma is sold daily in this place of captivity. In another red-light district from long ago, a scarlet cord hung in Rahab’s window. It lay still, undisturbed by the battle below. Its rich color against the night sky was a token of hope. By it, she would be saved. Because of it, a prostitute would be bound and woven into the family of God—rescued, redeemed, and restored! The scarlet cord that binds Sweetie attaches her to our hearts. Your purchase helps rescue women and children like Sweetie.


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