Valle de Luz

You don’t have to look hard to see the scars on Sofia’s chest. They cut across her delicate skin, acting as a life-long reminder of torture. For years, Sofia lived as a hostage to one of Guatemala’s brutal gangs. At the hands of her captors, she endured unimaginable abuse. After two miscarriages, fifteen-year-old Sofia desperately sought a way out. Valle De Luz quickly provided her with the protection and shelter she needed. Through their vocational training program, she now learns to make jewelry—a skill that will enable her to become self-sustaining. While Sofia lives in safety and freedom, her mind remains trapped in the darkness of her past. With counseling, medical care, and loving support, Valle De Luz will walk with Sofia on the path towards complete restoration. When you wear the work of her hands, you celebrate with Sofia, as she steps towards true healing and empowerment.


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