Project Guatemala

Salou’s face appears gentle and calm, despite the fact that what he speaks of is neither. Steadily, he recalls the devastation that shook his land, robbed his people, and left them reeling in the aftermath. Rightfully, it has been called “the time of violence” in Guatemalan history. Women were left husbandless and children fatherless. Suddenly, men like Salou were left to piece it all together. He can still remember the day two widows approached him, their request nothing more than a plea for survival. All they wanted was a way to feed the many hungry mouths of their little ones back home. His answer? A hundred pounds of thread and the start of Project Guatemala. What began as three individuals’ endeavor to gain self-sustainability has now grown into a circle of protection enveloping many with shelter and safety. Theirs is a story of hope and rising above destruction to reclaim life and live with dignity.


Become a Circle of Protection