P4WB: Pray For WAR Babies


At two weeks old, she was sold to human traffickers by her mother. Despite threats, the safehouse was able to rescue her. Adopted by a loving family, she is now valued for the precious child she is. She has a name and a future. But there are many others who have not been rescued. Around the globe, about one million girls and boys are being trafficked for sexual exploitation (International Justice Mission), routinely suffering sexual and physical violence. These “invisible” babies, children, and teens are sold from brothels, internet auctions, and their own homes. This reality exists not only across oceans, but behind closed doors in our own hometowns. Here in the “land of the free,” nearly two-thirds of active sex-trafficking cases in 2017 involved child victims (Global Slavery Index). They come from urban areas, suburbs, and rural communities and span all ages, genders, and family economic levels. Children are forced into this secret world not just by strangers, but by classmates, boyfriends, and parents. Trauma, shame, and fear silence their cries for help. Will you be their voice? Will you join the fight for freedom?

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