At twelve years of age, Saadiya decided she had had enough. Her entire life had been spent in an abusive home, chained to a bed by her own mother. Today was different, though. Today she was going to run away. Saadiya did succeed in escaping from her home that day, yet the life she escaped to was not much better. She ran away from one nightmare only to then become a prostitute in the city. A new nightmare began, but all was not lost. There Saadiya met one of our partners, a woman who accepted her, loved her, and helped her out of the pit she was in. One of the most important lessons Saadiya has learned is that her past does not make her a bad person. She can live free from her past and start new—and that is exactly what she has done. Today, Saadiya is happily married and recently completed her beauty school training, finishing at the top of her class. Funds from the Middle Eastern Soap go to help women like Saadiya, offering them a new start in life.


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