Real Rescues

Working to raise donations for Women At Risk, International’s 911 Rescue Fund, we want to share the impact your contributions make in the lives of others, in their time of need. Here are stories of Real Rescues.

The Genesis of WAR, Int’l’s 911 Rescue Fund: Ellie

Mai cut the cooked egg into four sections, dividing it equally between her four hungry children. With another one on the way, there would soon be five hungry mouths to feed.

Two weeks after her new little one was born, Mai sold Ellie, her beautiful baby girl, to local traffickers. When our partnering safehouse heard about the situation, they tracked Ellie down and loaned Mai money to buy her back, despite threats from the traffickers.

Now adopted into a safe home, Ellie is blossoming under the love and care she receives.

Our 911 Rescue Fund grew out of this partner’s request in the dead of night to rescue this precious baby girl who had been sold to Thai traffickers for $200. Becky McDonald, founder and president of WAR, Int’l, was shocked they had to ask for the funding to rescue. Becky promised the money blindly, saying she would have a garage sale if necessary, and begged them to rescue the baby without delay!

We want WAR, Int’l and its partners to be empowered to immediately intervene in a rescue—not wait for the funding needed to save a life.

This Week’s Rescue Story: Margaret

Too many times, the trafficker is someone the victim knows. For Margaret, this was her story. Margaret’s boyfriend forced her to sleep with other men in order for him to secure drugs.

A moment in time allowed her, along with her teenage daughter (who WAR, Int’l was advised had thankfully not been trafficked), to escape. Like many others, they simply left with the clothes on their backs. It was during this time, when they were hiding in a hotel, that WAR, Int’l received Margaret’s call and was able to provide assistance.

Because of funding in our 911 Rescue Fund, we were able to provide food, clothing, and other basic essentials. To be reunited with family in another city, we also assisted with transportation needs.

It is through the generosity of the WAR Family that WAR, Int’l is able to effect change for the lives of those in need, in their time of need. Together … we rescue. #EffectChange

This Week’s Rescue Story: Angel

The day COVID-19 hit the U.S. in 2020, Rebecca McDonald, founder & president of WAR, Int’l, hid a young woman in her car.

When you help a woman escape exploitation, you see the painfully high cost of freedom. While she leaves abuse behind, in many cases she’s also leaving everything she’s ever known. She may never see family again if they were the root problem. Starting over is exhausting, let alone while navigating trauma and healing as well. Freedom is not free but painfully expensive in a thousand different ways.

For hours, Angel had run barefoot from her traffickers before she got WAR, Int’l’s number from a national hotline. Thankfully, she called us and we were able to assist her. As Angel was running from her trafficker, Becky hid Angel in her car as we arranged safe housing.

Today, Angel is flourishing as a legal secretary; pro bono lawyers have cleared the crimes claimed against her; she has visitation with her kiddos again; and thanks to the WAR family, she was able to get a car. Her lawyers had told her she needed a car so the judge would take her seriously because her only mode of transportation at the time had been a bicycle.

Your WAR, Int’l GT ‘23 gift immediately empowers rescue and intervention.

This Week’s Rescue Story: Ramona

Overcoming unimaginable circumstances, Ramona found the strength to be a witness against her traffickers in court. There is great importance in shedding light on the realities of human trafficking and bringing perpetrators to justice.

Having received a call from a federal agency, WAR, Int’l was asked to take Ramona shopping for clothes she could wear to court. We went into overdrive to “outfit” this courageous survivor to be the key witness against a trafficking ring. We ignored the attention we attracted by shopping under armed guard, and instead, rejoiced as we watched Ramona’s countenance transform from fear to confidence!

She whispered, “Why do you care for me when you don’t even know me?”

We love that question! The 911 Rescue Fund allows us to immediately engage in the moment of danger and empowers us to love in the name of Christ. We applauded Ramona’s resilience and were honored to be a part of her story.

GT ‘23 is fast approaching, benefitting the 911 Rescue Fund that allows us to respond, inform, and reach into lives with action. A matching gift doubles its impact.

Please consider donating today as the need for our 911 Rescue Fund is very real.

This Week’s Rescue Story: Moses

At four months old, Moses was an adorable baby—but his family offered to sell him to anyone who wanted him. In this situation, he came to the notice of a group of our partners who took turns watching him. Fortunately for Moses, we found him before a trafficker did. While the law tied our hands, we were able to use money from the 911 Rescue Fund to pay for his immediate needs.

Consider donating today to start making an impact as your gift immediately empowers rescue and intervention.

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