Schooling for Bangladesh


Lack of education is a huge contributing factor to human trafficking. Young women, unable to support themselves and without an education, find themselves lured into unknown danger with the promise of “work” and better “pay.” It is also true that women living in the rural areas of Bangladesh suffer greater risk, proving more vulnerable to the promises of a better life that traffickers offer. These two things combined, lack of education and rural life, and illustrate how important the work of one BangladeshI school is as it serves to educate the rural population. Tucked away in the rural landscape of Bangladesh sits a small school that is working to do big things! Originally built by American GIs, today this school is one of the best and most prestigious rural schools in the area. WAR Int’l supported this school by digging a well for clean drinking water. Further help has been extended to a small, overlooked boy with a physical handicap who has been given the chance to shape his future! WAR, Int’l was able to get him admitted to the school where he is currently thriving. Most recently, WAR Int’l has supplied the school with 30 new benches for the young girls enrolled in their culinary program. Day after day these girls come to school to sit on the floor while they learn. Now they are lifted to dignity with this simple gesture of providing them with a place to sit!


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