Rescued Roses


By day, the capitol city of Kuala Lumpur bustles with color and life. Vendors selling fruits, flowers, and trinkets line the streets, hawking their wares to the tourists who descend upon the city in droves. As darkness descends the scene changes: the vendors are gone, and in the very same streets, women are sold from hidden brothels. Walking through these red-light districts, Rescued Roses staff members reach out to the women with a message of safety and hope. Treating them with respect and dignity, they converse about their lives, their fears, and their hopes. Eventually, some of the women leave the streets and come to the Rescued Roses safehouse, where they can find healing, learn sustainable skills, and begin life anew. As each woman learns to embrace her intrinsic dignity and worth, she begins to blossom into a confident, radiant woman. The jewelry she creates is a reflection of her own inner beauty and value.

To protect our partners, we use a pseudonym for the name of this program.

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