Hope for Nicaragua


Two women sat among a sea of empty chairs. Their first support group was small. But our partners were persistent. They continued to walk the red light districts, meeting and praying with women held in debt-bonded prostitution. Soon 25 women began attending the weekly meetings. Now, every Tuesday morning, over 300 women gather for teaching, music, and the opportunity to earn a small income by making cards and jewelry. Here they are slowly learning the marketable skills necessary to leave the red light districts. Meanwhile, their children are at school, safely tucked away from the horror of Managua’s many child brothels. Our partners help make this possible by providing scholarships and school uniforms. Women and children who need immediate safety can go to the Hope for Nicaragua shelter. Others can apply for micro-grants to begin small businesses. Though it began with two women, Hope for Nicaragua’s ministry continues to grow, becoming more multi-faceted and holistic as it reaches into the deep need for soul care, recovery, and hope for those in slavery. Your purchase makes you a partner in this life-giving work. You help offer safety, healing, and empowerment to women and children at risk.

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