Cyprus Safe Haven


In the bustling ports and busy streets of an island tourist haven, traffickers lie in wait for frightened and desperate young women. Lured from surrounding countries by deceptive promises of jobs or sent by hopeful parents to make better lives for themselves, these young women now find themselves easy prey in an open hunting ground. Girls are sold from orphanages and frightened young women are hawked on the streets to tourists, while police work hand-in-hand with organized crime and the government turns a blind eye. Yet in the midst of this bleak situation, on a street lined with brothels, one small building sits as a beacon of hope. Inside, warmth and light shut out the darkness as young women find a safe haven and receive the care they need to begin healing. As they fashion beaded jewelry and corded bracelets, they learn valuable skills that will empower them to begin their lives anew. Breaking the bonds of the surrounding darkness, they use colorful new cords to weave bright futures full of hope and promise.

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