Baskets of Hope

Dominican Republic

The laughter and joy resounds from a group of basket weavers. Both young and old participate in the work and the social fellowship. It is more than a hobby; it’s a source of income for impoverished and at-risk women, men, and teens in two small villages in the Dominican Republic. It is more than work; it is a chance to fellowship together. Yet, these women find more than fellowship; they find hope. The Baskets of Hope program was started by a church in the Dominican Republic to help provide an income for those members who were destitute and unemployed. The Dominican Republic is a land of beauty, but life can be hard in the villages. In one particular village, there are often days without electricity, the water pump is faulty, there is limited education, there are few work opportunities, and there is great poverty. Polo, a Haitian immigrant, knew how to weave baskets and taught others to do the same. WAR, Int’l partners with them to sell the baskets in the United States. This allows many single women to support their families, elderly men to feed themselves, and teens to save up for their future education. A church plant is also part of this work. They continue to train others to participate in their program, bringing hope and joy to their villages.


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