Additional CFR Resources

Thank you for attending our recent Civilian First Responder (CFR) event and stopping by to check out these additional human trafficking resources.  Please write to with any further questions.

We look forward to helping you improve your ability to See the Unseen.

Polaris Materials

Sexual Exploitation
During the Pandemic

Human Trafficking Trends
in 2020

Polaris Report 2019

Trafficking in Persons Reports

Trafficking in Persons Report 2022

Trafficking in Persons Report 2021

Trafficking in Persons Report 2020

Shared Hope International

Report Cards on Child and Youth Sex Trafficking

Warning Signs of Sex Trafficking

Shared Hope State Grades 2021

Resources for Medical Personnel

Additional Materials

FAQs on Women At Risk, International

Federal Human Trafficking Strategic Plan

Student Engagement Toolkit

Suggested Reading List for CFR

The Most Dangerous Man in Japan

Nefarious Apps