#3 – Sweetie’s Prayer Warriors (Late March, 2012)

Sweetie’s Prayer Warriors

Late March, 2012

The brothel’s madam refused to let anyone care for Sweetie. The rescue mission had been put on hold and as new plans met road blocks, we met The Lord in prayer.

One of the partners wrote, “Pray that someway, somehow, God will miraculously rescue Sweetie, but until then protect her little heart from the trauma and inhuman treatment she is experiencing and that this abuse will not break her spirit. I don’t know how God is going to answer our prayers; I just know He will, because our God is a God of miracles, and when His beloved children pray gut-wrenching prayers, He moves mountains. In the meantime I am praying that somehow this precious child and her mother know they have not been abandoned, and that there is a True and Living God who hears their cries, feels their pain, and cares.  Even though we may not be able to physically adopt Sweetie, we can still adopt her in our hearts.”

We quickly sent out a plea for prayers, and many of those in the WAR Family began women kneeling and praying, seen through a stone doorwaydesperately praying and fasting for Sweetie. They devoted their Tuesday prayers to her. They found quiet moments during their lunch breaks, prayed as they worked, cleaned, and cared for their families. While their own babies napped, they prayed. While they sat at stop lights, they prayed. No moment was wasted.

When we wrote our partner and told her the plan of prayer, she quickly wrote back. She said, “Your e-mail content was perfect timing!  Our group had a meeting earlier the same day. We had all committed to fasting and prayer a number of times a month as a group. Then to see your offer of others doing the same brought tears to my eyes. Pray that a rescue would not even be needed but that the mother and the madam would willingly agree to give her up to a better place.” Sweetie’s mother’s name is Maya. Our partners continually offer her a new life in a better home, but she’s unsure. A life of exploitation has left her confused and untrusting. However, Maya seemed more desperate as she saw the madam abuse Sweetie. The madam also beat two other precious little girls that live in the brothel, Pepsi (yes, like the drink) and Mohina.

So prayer became our powerful weapon against the evil that confined Sweetie to her cardboard box and her dark brothel home. Our army of prayer warriors trust God and His plan for Sweetie’s rescue.


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