Let Them Know
United States

“Whether you are rich or poor...everyone needs to know that someone cares.” A quiet strength accompanies the woman’s words. Laura knows this first hand having lost everything in life from her job to her family and even her home. Instead of dwelling on her difficulties, Laura focuses on those less fortunate by stitching pillowcases for orphans. Each night, as they lay their heads down on these beautiful pillowcases to dream, every stitch whispers, “You are not forgotten. You are always loved.” Here she is, a homeless American, blessing the homes of children and empowering them to dream. As she says, “What is life without a dream?” When you purchase one of these pillowcases, three things happen. First, you let orphans know of a love so vast that it reaches across the world to them! Second, you help Laura, a homeless woman sewing pillowcases, to earn her way in life. Finally, you will receive a tax deductible receipt in the mail for the donation you give to Tuck An Orphan Into Bed. Your purchase lets these precious individuals know they are loved and valued.


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