Clementine & Jean

Rwandan Coffee

Clementine and her siblings were forced into hiding. Neighbors risked their lives to shield the five children from the horror of the genocide. Still they were not spared from the bloodshed. Clementine’s father and three siblings died along with hundreds of thousands of other Tutsis. After their deaths, a church came alongside Clementine, helping her overcome her anger and bitterness. When Jean approached Clementine and confessed that he had killed her family members, Clementine did the seemingly impossible: she forgave him. The government gave Clementine and Jean adjacent land to grow coffee. Today they work the land together, sharing the burdens, the benefits, and a profound story of grace and forgiveness. Clementine and Jean have even begun caring for an orphan whose family was killed by Jean. In the midst of a region torn apart by hatred and cruelty, these three live a powerful story of freedom, grace, and reconciliation.


Become a Circle of Protection