Water is the difference between death and life, poverty and wealth. It is essential for life. But when impure, it can be a source of death through cholera and other diseases. Floods destroy crops, yet water is essential for growing crops. Tubewells are simple wells that allow access to pure underground water. They have proven to be effective agents of poverty reduction by allowing individuals to grow a garden, diversify crops to market, and reduce stress on land by better irrigation which increases land value. Water can also power small farm equipment, and even marketing water in areas of scarcity helps. The provision of safe drinking water is essential. Wells protect widows and the fatherless from walking to the next village for water where they are at risk for acid attacks, rape, or other risks. Wells also give status. WAR, Int’l helped build tubewells for at-risk widows and orphans in Bangladesh and Africa, giving a source of life and wealth. By providing drinking water, we are also given a chance to witness about the one who is Living water.


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