Rehab Center of Thailand


Thailand’s cultural traditions bind disabled people to the streets—begging for food, shelter, and the hope of a better life. Still, many men and women are forced from city sidewalks and busy villages, believed to bring bad luck on the able-bodied. As they stumble through a lonely and desperate life, The Rehab Center of Thailand seeks to intercede and direct them toward a path of dignity and joy. Hands and feet, once believed to be incapable, are empowered through unique and sought-after skills—ornate wood carving, jewelry & metal crafting, and textile production. Their new-found talents support them economically while a cluster of small, yet comfortable, homes build a close-knit community of friends and co-workers. Together, the difficult road of life becomes one of joy, peace, and purpose. When you take home their hand-crafted treasures, you join them on this journey towards hope and healing.

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