Medical Scholarships


Imagine living in a land where physical disabilities reduce precious, valuable lives to an existence of begging and worthlessness. Any dreams of a future and a life of dignity are hopeless because of physical limitations—limitations that sometimes can be fixed with a simple surgery. Unfortunately, only the rich and the scrappiest get ahead. So, while the rich advance, the poor remain trapped, unable to access the resources which would provide for their medical needs.

Imagine you are beaten and battered, a woman in need of medical attention. But you are too poor to get help. You are neither respected nor valued; no one really cares. Countless numbers of people don’t have to “imagine” such conditions—they live in them.

The Medical Scholarship Fund exists to help women and children in need of medial assistance who are not able to receive it. Without our help, they would never have a chance to live a healthy life free from disabilities or complications. Through the Medical Scholarship Fund, WAR, Int’l is helping others live lives of dignity and receive the reality of a brighter tomorrow.

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