Larimar Stones

Dominican Republic

In 1974, a Peace Corps worker discovered this beautiful gem and named it Larimar—Lari after his daughter, Larisa, and mar, the Spanish name for the sea. The dreamy blue color of the stone perfectly matches the color of the Caribbean Sea where it is found. Just as the sea is rough at times, the stone also is coarse and jagged before it is carefully shaped and polished. Similarly, the lives of many Dominican women are rough and full of difficulty, but the Larimar jewelry sold by WAR, Int’l supports these at-risk women and enables them to rise above their oppressive circumstances. Funds from the Larimar jewelry also go towards helping women at a Dominican safehouse escape abuse, providing them with a safe place to rebuild their lives as they soften and flourish under loving care, allowing their beauty to shine. Your purchase helps these women as they heal and begin their new lives of dignity.

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