Getting Started

Download the Fundraiser (PDF) Packet Here ◊

Thank you for your interest in Women At Risk, International, and your efforts to support our work through fundraising!

Our goal is to create circles of protection and hope around women and children at risk through culturally sensitive, value-added intervention projects. As each woman is unique, our mission is carried out in a variety of ways.

One of the main ways we help at-risk women is by selling products made by and sold in support of wounded women. Buying the work of their hands gives rescue as well as life, freedom, dignity, and a new start. Each $250 in jewelry sales enables us to employ a rescued woman in a safe environment for a month.

Other ways we support at-risk women and children include scholarships, micro-loans, and partnerships with safe houses, women’s training centers, orphanages, hospitals, shelters, schools, and micro-businesses. All funds raised for these programs will be used to help rescue, restore, and empower women.

The women we work with are not asking for a hand out. They are asking for a hand up to dignity, a job, and a way to work for a living. We believe passionately in sustainability, and that hard work builds character and self-worth. The programs we partner with and run have true follow-up, true accountability and true results. Through fundraising, you can help these programs continue to thrive.

In this packet we hope to offer you practical tools and resources to create circles of protection and hope around at-risk women and children—right where you are! We are deeply grateful for your passion to lift women and children to lives of dignity, and honored to be a part of your efforts! THANK YOU for making a difference!