Circle Tour 2014 FAQs

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What does the trip cost cover?

Airfare, lodging, transportation, travelers insurance, and meals are included in the original cost of the trip. All other expenses are your responsibility at first, and may be submitted for reimbursement once the core part of the trip is paid for. There are three phases of expenses for this trip. The core costs (phase one) consist of lodging, meals and in country transportation. The second phase is airfare and the final phase is pre and post field costs including immunizations, donor gifts, postage, & more. Contact office for questions in what might be in this portion of the phase.

What is not covered by the trip cost?

  • Personal expenses that are not covered, but can be reimbursed if donation money is left over (KEEP ALL RECEIPTS!):
  • Immunizations: $ Variable based on insurance and doctor
  • Materials/Postage: Personal expense
  • Gifts for donors Personal Expenses that are not covered and will NOT be reimbursed:  $200 non-refundable deposit
  • Phone calls home
  • Personal Shopping

How do I raise funds?
WAR, Int’l recommends support letters to be the primary mode for raising funds. Due to the nature of timing for expenses, support letters are recommended to be mailed at least four (4) months prior to departure for the trip. When sending support letters, WAR, Int’l will provide brochures and return envelopes for mailings. Each team member is responsible for postage. This postage can be held by individual as an expense and reimbursed from funds raised after all other expenses are covered (again keep all receipts).

Are there any age limitations?
Because of some of the places that we will be going to, applicants must be at least 18 years of age. How do I apply? You may begin applying as soon as we post the Circle Tour 2014 link on our webpage. We also ask for a $200 non-refundable deposit fee to confirm your placement for the tour.

What does WAR, Int’l require of applicants?

  • Sign a statement indicating that you accept in its entirety the Code of Consent/Conduct
  • Be a member or attendee in good standing with your local church
  • Be a growing Christian, active in your local church
  • Complete the application process
  • Attend all pre-trip meetings and post-trip debrief (this may be by conference call, or by DVD with returned signed form stating you have watching orientation).
  • Be in regular, daily prayer for WAR, Int’l, team members, and yourself
  • Be flexible, taking direction and supervision from experienced personnel and be able to work independently.
  • Maintain confidentiality of sensitive situations
  • Follow security instructions before, during, and after trip to protect field missionaries, rescued women, nationals, projects, your team, and yourself
  • Recognize that many expectations will not be reality for short termers due to language, cultural, and time limits

 Will there be meetings about the trip before departure?
We will have 1-2 full-day orientations in Grand Rapids. Those who do not live in Grand Rapids will receive a DVD of the training. If you are able to come from out of town to Grand Rapids, housing will be arranged for you.

Download the Circle Tour 2014 Application Here

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