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March 8th is celebrated globally as International Women’s Day.

Yes, celebrate the women in your life! However, International Women’s Day is more than what we have done in the past. It is a day to come together and continue making life better for one another.

The history of this day

This sense of solidarity and need for change is what inspired the first Women’s Day. It began in 1908 with suffragettes marching on the streets of New York City protesting for equal rights, and the following year, National Women’s Day was declared in the United States. It gained international recognition in 1910, with women from over seventeen countries agreeing to observe a day to emphasize the fight for equal rights. In 1975, March 8 was officially designated by The United Nations as International Women’s Day.

This year’s theme

Organizers have selected yearly themes since 1996, ranging from ending hunger for rural women to ending violence against women. This year’s theme is about embracing equity in the world. This year’s slogan encourages us to do something in the name of women around the world—especially something we might not usually do.

The International Women’s Day website suggests actions such as calling out instances when women are excluded, reinforcing and supporting women’s triumphs, and encouraging women to further their education.

At Women At Risk, International

We are working to support and empower women every day of the year. Our partnering safehouses, both international and here in the United States, rescue and restore at-risk and wounded women by giving them a safe place to heal while providing counseling, education, skills training, and more.

Our vocational training and microenterprise partners give at-risk women the opportunity to earn an income with dignity, empowering them to safely support themselves and avoid exploitation. Educational and outreach programs in the United States and abroad offer women who desire to better their situation the power to do so.

Create An Impact

As you consider what you can do to help women around the world, here are three ways:

1. Link arms with your friends to co-host a WAR Chest Pop Up Boutique!

Learn more here or simply email today.

2. Volunteer at our headquarters or at events!

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3. Donate to our 911 Rescue Fund to help facillitate rescues!

Read stories of rescue here.

We wish all women around the world a very happy International Women’s Day!

The Breezy Winds of March

Bring Fresh Beginnings

March 2023

Hello, WARriors!

As the old saying goes, if March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb! However March 2023 introduces itself, let us hope it leaves us stronger and wiser. It is in this light we view the survivors we are honored to know. The storms they’ve faced have made them resilient, and their perseverance paves the way for new beginnings.

You too can persevere through the challenges you encounter! As we welcome March and spring forward, remember that the windy gales in your life carry the potential for a fresh start.

Please keep reading to learn more about the latest news and events at WAR Int’l.

Presidential Travel
March-April: Germany, India, Thailand

Becky McDonald, founder and president of WAR, Int’l, leaves for Germany next week to train U.S. Military in anti-trafficking measures and speak to multiple groups on base. Next, she will be traveling to India and Thailand to meet and encourage our partners. Please pray for wisdom as she seeks to be a blessing.

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March 8th: International Women’s Day

As WAR, Int’l Founder & President Becky McDonald has traveled the world, she has heard of horrific stories of the lack of rights for women and girls, some unrepeatable. She has discovered faith systems where the women are not allowed to take part in ANY part of the worship. They can cook for the men but have NO say in their faith. Women are denied an education, aren’t allowed to hold jobs even if they’re trained as doctors or lawyers, are not permitted to run a business… the list is endless.

Learn more here.

Free Shipping!

Yes, it bears repeating! Did you know that $300 in product sales sustains an individual in one of our international safehouses for an average of one month?! That is impactful shopping! To help as you #ShopToEmpower, WAR Int’l offers free shipping for online orders of $75 or more!

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WAR Chest Pop-Up Boutique

We have been invited to hold a pop-up boutique at The Stray on April 8th from 10a to 3p.

The stories of the survivors we support are the lifeblood and heartbeat of WAR, Int’l. They are the pulse and purpose behind the jewelry you wear. This pop-up boutique is a great way to support WAR, Int’l and empower survivors through the work we do.

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Sneak Peak: April’s Light Up Your World Zoom

Our special guest for April is Misty Moore who is Hancock County’s Director of Homeland Security and a certified self-defense instructor. Misty is passionate about empowering women with the knowledge and skills to defend themselves against any type of threat. Misty also has experience volunteering as a Security Director at a home for trafficking survivors, and it was her work in this facility that inspired her to begin her own self-defense training company.

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Filled With Love

February has much to offer!

February 2023

Happy February, WARriors!

Love is in the air, mingled with flowers and candies and boxes of chocolates.

As you are no doubt aware, we love sharing how the strength of survivors is fueled through the encouragement and love of their spouses. We love seeing transformations because of love from friends, family, and WAR’s staff and partners.

Remember that a kind word can heal, transform, and empower!

Another thing we love sharing is the latest news and events, please keep scrolling!

Presidential Travel: March
This March, Becky McDonald, founder and president of WAR, Int’l, is headed to Germany to train U.S. Military in anti-trafficking. She will also be speaking to a group of women, possibly the Dept. of Defense school, and more. Because of the presentation she did for the men’s retreat in December, she may speak to chaplains who handle the many suicides in barracks. Please pray for wisdom as she seeks to be a blessing.

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Fresh USTC Designs
Straight from our U.S. Training Center, we are incredibly excited about these fresh designs from the Encompassed Creations!

They are in time for your Valentine’s Day purchase. As well as beyond as love is always in style.

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Resource Page
With last month being Human Trafficking Awareness Month, our goal is to go from awareness to action! We encourage you to take a moment to discover what actions you can take to rise up against this injustice of our time.

As you are ready to take the next step, here are Resources For You.

Light Up Your World Monthly Zooms
Please join us on February 27th to hear from the heart of another courageous survivor. Our special guest speaker Pearl and WAR, Int’l Founder and President Rebecca McDonald will discuss trauma and healing.

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and trafficking, Pearl will share with us her healing journey and provide an honest picture of the road to recovery. You will be inspired by her faith and perseverance in finding her voice so she can speak up not only for herself but also on behalf of all those who are struggling with the impact of trauma in their lives.

Visit our upcoming events page for additional details.

Galentine’s Extravaganza
Gather your girlfriends for some fun and set aside some time for yourself to take a deep breath, share some laughs with your girlfriends, and simply enjoy hanging out with us.

As part of the festivities, we will have door prizes, gifts, giveaways, and more!

Learn more here!

First-Ever Lunch ‘N’ Learn
Join us on February 21st from 11am-2pm at our U.S. Training Center for our first-ever Lunch ‘N’ Learn.

Rebecca McDonald, founder and president of WAR, Int’l, will be sharing her own personal journey of deepening her walk with God.

Learn More Here.

By The Numbers

By Becky McDonald, Founder & President
-January 2023


Dear WARriors:

In hindsight, I can see God’s hand reaching forward to embrace 2022 even before the onset of COVID-19. For years, I’ve been fasting and praying for certain things to come to fruition, and it’s clear to me now how our omniscient God has been protecting WAR, Int’l from my own timeline.

• Even though I’ll always serve WAR, I had originally wanted a new CEO in place by 2020. There’s no success without a successor, and I’ve met with many prospects for my replacement since the day I incorporated. Now I see that asking a new CEO to navigate the pandemic would have been unfair. COVID-19 forced us to rethink our organizational strategies, and as a result we are in a much healthier place today.
• The day before my knee replacement surgery this past August, a plumbing malfunction resulted in major flooding at WAR’s HQ, causing $300k in damages. It is a lesson on patience as we wait for restorations to be completed in the spring of 2023.
• With the pandemic, we postponed starting any new programs other than ones to which we’d already committed because we wanted to monitor the repercussions of COVID-19 before moving forward. Still unsure of the new “normal,” the worldwide concerns of war, inflation, and food shortages have us continuing this waiting pattern.

• Internationally, we’ve been coming alongside widows, a farm enterprise, and a ministry center in Zambia. We’ve continued assisting the Afghan relief efforts by providing training, food aid, and weekly ESL classes for Afghan refugee girls now in hiding. Ukrainian refugees have also been fleeing to our Moldovan partners who are offering trauma camps, food aid, and emigration help. One Guatemalan partner transitioned to an all-national board, and we celebrate the great role model this provides for all our partners.
• Domestically, we expanded our boutique website and cyber security, hosted another state department delegation, provided consultation for safehouse start-ups, introduced anti-trafficking training to new industries, and increased our 911 response. As a result, lives are being forever changed!

In nature, the turkey and the eagle each respond differently when a storm arises. The turkey hides while the eagle soars to the eye of the storm. Scripture says when we wait on the Lord, HE lifts us up on eagle’s wings. By his grace, God flings us above the storm and renews our strength as he multiplies your gifts and our efforts.

The funds we’ve raised this past year allowed us to facilitate rescues and offer immediate intervention to those in crisis. You’ve made us strong for the weak, brave for the threatened, and patient in adversity. As our own circle of protection, YOU empowered us to create safe places amidst the storms of life.

Soaring on the wings of eagles:
Rebecca McDonald
Founder & President

Read Stories of Rescue Here.

Read Stories of Healing Here.

Human Trafficking Awareness Day

January 11, 2023

(Note: This article includes Stories of Healing.)

There are many reports and statistics available regarding the number of human trafficking victims.

→ In 2021, 10,359 human trafficking situations involving 16,554 individual victims were reported to the U.S. National Human Trafficking Hotline. (source)
→ 49.6 million people were living in modern slavery in 2021, of which 27.6 million were in forced labor and 22 million in forced marriage. (source)
→ In 2021, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children received more than 17,200 reports of possible child sex trafficking. (source)

Whereas statistical information and reporting are helpful with understanding the issues as solutions are sought, focusing merely on the numbers can make the victims nameless, simply a number, as it were.

Each and every victim of human trafficking has a name, a voice that has been silenced, as well as a life worth saving, and a story worth telling. This fact makes highlighting stories of rescue and healing vital.

In honor of #HumanTraffickingAwarenessDay2023, here are three such stories.

Erin: healing moment

At a recent Human Trafficking Awareness Conference, the Q&A panel included social workers, law enforcement officers, lawyers, and Erin, a survivor of human trafficking.

When asked how the police had treated her, Erin froze, not wanting to tip the apple cart. Seeing Erin’s hesitation, Becky McDonald, founder & president of WAR, Int’l, encouraged her to speak up and share her experience.

Erin shared how the police were not helpful regarding her situation, telling her there wasn’t anything they could do for her. One officer even asked for her number.

Upon hearing the apologies from the male law enforcement officers on the panel, Erin had an unexpected response. Those apologies, she realized, healed a place in her heart she didn’t know needed healing.

Trauma-informed interviewing is key when assisting survivors. During our February 2022 Light Up Your World Zoom, we learned about this interviewing technique from Amy Allen, a federal law enforcement officer. Click here to view it.

Reena: finding solutions

How many girls had now disappeared from Reena’s village? She had watched as foreigners came, promising education or stable jobs to girls of impoverished families. Out of desperation, they had been sent or sold to provide for the rest of the family. But Reena knew these promises were empty.

Reena knew traffickers targeted poor and vulnerable families.

Yet she had a plan. Reena began a small bakery where she could employ at-risk women in her village, giving them the fair payment they needed to provide for their families.

To Reena’s delight, the bakery thrived! Now she’s running four sustainable micro-enterprises to sponsor a safehouse, counseling services, vocational training, micro-loans, and different classes!

Reena’s work is helping attack trafficking at its root cause and freeing hundreds of lives from its threat. Support WAR’s micro-enterprise program to be a ‘Reena’ to others at risk.

Rhoda: story of resilience

Ever since she was a little girl, Rhoda wanted to sing. After much local success, Rhoda thought she caught her big break when a talent agent promised a vocal tour in Japan. Though her first visit proved successful, on her second trip, traffickers took her papers and forced her to serve drinks at a bar. One night a co-worker lured Rhoda to a “dance club” filled with the Japanese mafia. After drugging and abducting her, mafia members repeatedly brutalized and raped Rhoda for three days.

She eventually escaped, but the Japanese police blamed her, and a counselor even advised suicide as the only way to preserve her dignity. Even after returning home to America, help was nowhere to be found.

Finally, Rhoda discovered a community of healing and support at WAR, Int’l. Now she no longer numbs her pain with substance abuse and self-mutilation. Instead, she has transformed her suffering into a story of survival and hope. Rhoda uses her passionate voice to share this story, singing at benefit concerts, speaking out against human trafficking, and whispering words of hope and encouragement to vulnerable teens and wounded women.

Our sweet Rhoda is featured every Monday on our Facebook (WAR, Int’l and WAR Chest Boutique) and Instagram pages (WAR Int’l and WAR Chest Boutique). Make sure to catch her fabulous Monday Minute videos to be encouraged and inspired. Oh, and #ShopToRescue her weekly-updated collection here!

Resources For You:

-Join us on the 4th Monday of the month for our Light Up Your World Zooms to hear directly from survivors as well as experts in the field. Learn more here.

-Shop our Remembrance line which include the names and ages of human trafficking victims. #ShopToRemember here.

-Get inspired and read Stories Of Rescue here.

-Read Understand The Risks.

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