Endorsements 2

Endorsements Continued

“Women At Risk, Int’l has a burden for the needs of single women and their offspring that even the world seems to care little about. But in addition to the emotional needs of these women, they will surely hear the gospel which we often take for granted.”

~Don Parvin, member of ABWE for 35 years, pastor for 45 years, 8 Interim pastorates , and college professor for 9 years

“Dear WAR, Int’l, the girls just texted me pics of what WAR is doing for them. I am crying.
I love your heart. You love them like you are them. Very rarely am I around women…that
love these girls like Jesus does—like WAR does. You totally love them like Jesus.” Thank
you” is such an understatement that I feel like it’s an insult to say it to you. But since I have

no other words, I guess thank you will have to do for now. You are totally the real deal. I
love you so much.”

~ Anny, Founder of Eve’s Angels. WAR, Int’l helped decorate an apartment for two rescued women, creating a pretty, safe and beautiful place where these daughters of the King can finally find a “home”.

“I am moved by your love for the women of the veil and all women at risk. I am touched by the depth of your passion and the magnitude of your undertaking – what a reflection of your intimacy with the Savior! He has spurred you on and I am taken by your obedience to such a lofty call. It is an inspiration to all women.”

~ Lynne Tellschow, Director of Women’s Ministries at Harvest Bible Church


“Dear WAR, Int’l, Thank you again for your protection! One of the girls accepted Christ tonight at our

soup night!!! We have been having a soup and sandwich open house at the safehouse every Friday. We are having women come in off the streets and enjoy soup, fellowship, and LOTS of laughter! Then we bundle them all up in the MINISTRY JEEP and take them all home!!!!!!!!! Thanks to WAR for the vehicle!

~WAR, Int’l Safehouse Partner

“In the first place, I would like to thank you for your time when you were here and for listening to me. God uses you in my life to encourage, awaken, and revive my strength for ministry. Already, we have experienced great growth in the number of trafficking victims. I am working in churches and lifting groups throughout Spain, asking them to join us. Thank you. I appreciate the many occasions when you have lifted and given support to me. I want to thank you for those times that I have received support from your partnership. I would like to thank you.”

~WAR, Int’l Partner from Spain

“WAR, Int’l, I just want to say thank you. Your presence with us encouraged our ministry to move to a higher level. I can see Jesus reflected in you, I pray to have that compassion and love. Thank you, thank

~ Dominican Republican Partner


“WAR, Int’l, Thank you so much for speaking to us at the Grand Rapids North Rotary Club. We all thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated your presence. Your message was eye opening. I know that Wright Chiropractic will keep you and your mission in our minds. Thank you once again.”

~ Wright Chiropractic, Grand Rapids, Michigan


Dear WAR, Int’l, as we look around at all the awareness and activism that has been created during these last few months, we want to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for participating with Planting Hope in Michigan. The event was a HUGE success, and we know we could not have done it without you. We are so appreciative of Women At Risk’s participation at this event. The event would not have been such a
success without you!

~ Leah and Patty Steinhauser, Planting Hope in Michigan