Board Of Reference 2


Tina Cilurso, MBA

Tina Cilurso is an advisor in the financial services industry. From individuals seeking personal financial advice to key executives and nonprofit organizations looking for her professional expertise, Cilurso’s investment savvy benefits a large range of clientele. She has also taught as a part-time, adjunct professor at Penn State University, instructing undergraduate business students in Investment courses. Cilurso also has a private foundation, The Jireh Foundation, that has and continues to support a number of humanitarian causes. As a team player and wise advisor, Cilurso offers WAR, Int’l direction, counsel, and organization in their financial dealings. She holds a MBA from Johns Hopkins University School of Professional Studies in Business and Education, as well as a BA in Communications from Temple University.


Sheila Dayton

Retired Corporate Attorney

*This biography is currently in progress. We hope you will check back later for new and updated content.


Dawn Willis

Consulting Attorney for WAR, Int’l

Dawn Willis, J.D., is an adjunct professor who has taught at Northern Illinois University, College of Business, and North Central College teaching International Law and International Human Rights, among other legal courses (2009-present). She served as Legal Counsel in The Office of the Governor of Illinois (2007) and Legislative Counsel in the Office of the Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives (2006). Mrs. Willis also served as a Legal Fellow at Chicago-Kent (2005) and Law Clerk to the United States Senate, Committee on the Judiciary (Summer 2004). She received her B.S. from Cornell University in 2000 and her J.D., from Chicago-Kent College of Law in 2005.

Kezia McNeal Curry, Ph.d.

Education Consulting & Vocal Performer

Dr. Kezia Curry has a deep understanding of diverse and “savory” backgrounds. Her own name means “spicy,” and when she married into the “Curry” family, there was no doubt that she would add flavor to the world around her. Kezia is not only an educator and recording artist, but also a strong advocate for rescued and at-risk women. “Kezia’s music, message, and mentoring spirit gives her many opportunities to use her talents to uplift and encourage hearts around the world. Regardless of rank, race, or religion her music has something for everyone.”


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